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Internet Marketing Strategy

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Melissa Norfolk Website Packages

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Search Engine Optimisation

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Tracking Results

Tracking Results

Recent Work

rebuilt their site for a fresh look and improved usability
freshened up their website with a redesign
redesigned and rebuilt their website to be responsive
needed their first simple website to promote what they do online
wanted a new and fresh website that promoted their offering and was easy to update
redesigned a responsive website for blogging and social media to market online
needed an Online store to promote and sell their products online
needed a website to promote their products and services
online ordering of quality teas
wanted to develop an online presence

Search Marketing

Appear on the first page

Maximise your chances of being found by potential customers ahead of your competitors through SEO and Pay Per Click.

Social Media

Build online reputation

Share. Engage. Interact. Increase conversations about your brand online through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Web Design

Websites that attract & convert

A website that performs is a MUST. We build effective & measurable sites that rank well and connect you with more customers online.